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Last Longer in Bed Guys-With This Simple Tip

Is Your Partner Getting Annoyed Of you Lasting 10 Minutes or Less? If so, Try these tips today !

Stamina Training

A lot of males suffer from premature ejaculation.  It can be embarrassing and puts down your macho man appearance.  I used too have this problem until I started training my penis to last longer.

Once I tried edging and masterbating for sessions at least 30 minutes long I saw a difference and so did my partner.

Edging is the process of coming nearly close to climax or ejaculation ,then purposefully stopping sexual stimulation in order to delay the orgasm.  In which doing so also intensifies your orgasm and trains you to use your kegel muscles to stop the orgasm in its path.

You can first start training by using your hand and nothing else to masterbate , but make sure your stopping right before ejaculation and trying to last at least 30 minutes long.

After you mastered using your hand you can move on to using some kind of lube or lotion to masterbate with .  This will also help in desensitizing the penis in order for you to last longer and not be so sensitive in bed.

After mastering using lube with your hand you can move on to more exciting things like a male sex toy.  There are plenty of products out there replicating a womans vagina in looks and feel. Its probably going to be the closest thing you get to the real thing before showing your woman your awesome new set of skills.

Using these tips has helped me gain more stamina so I can last longer in bed and give my girl what she deserves.  Try practicing tonight and you will soon be on your way to lasting more then 10-15 minutes.



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