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Favorite Christmas Gift, SEX SHEETS ?!

Last year my boyfriend got me an amazing gift, Sex Sheets. At first I didn’t know what it was and why you would need sheets for sex but I was wrong. Since I’m a squirter every time I would squirt I would have to wash the sheets, but with this sheet I just lay it […]

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Morning Sex !

Hey guys ! Just wanted to let you guys in on something way better than the normal nighttime SEX routine. Its morning sex! I remember having morning sex for the first time and it was so great ! the amount of energy I had during and even after was awesome. Don’t get me wrong having […]

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Sex is Healthy!

Sex can be considered working out . At least I consider it working out. A good 30 minute session can burn up to 200-300 calories even more if you know how to get crazy! Having sex can increase your heart rate and use various muscles in your body. Sex won’t replace going to the gym […]

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New Favorite Male Sex Toy

Guys, This has to be one of my new FAVORITE sex Toys. It feels almost like the real thing! Its easy to clean just take it out and use a sex toy cleaner, and run some hot water through it. Its also helped me with my stamina training . I used to ejaculate to quick […]

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Receive the Best Oral Sex Guys!

Got to give to receive! A lot of us guys get caught up in just the receiving part of things we at times forget to return the favor.  I found myself many times asking her to go down on me while never returning the favor. Most girls enjoy oral just as much as us guys. […]

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Best Female Sex Toy

This dildo is one of my favorite dildos I own.  Its REAL feel and perfect size makes it feel so GOOD.  Its suction will stick to any smooth surface and can make you cum like you’ve never cummed before.  I love using this in front of my boyfriend as it turns him on and gets […]

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